Friday, February 10, 2012

Part Two: Project 3 - Stage 2: Exercise 2

Colour Perception:
My equipment is all to hand - apart from finding some grey paper, everything that is needed was used in the last exercise.

This is another exercise where I am going to have to look hard and study what I think I am seeing.

Exercise 2:
We are asked to glue down 9 bright coloured squares of paper (8cm square).
Then to cut out 9 small squares of grey paper (1cm square) and stick them in the centre of the large squares.
Next we are asked to look hard at the grey squares and see what colour they become, - the colour that is generated is an "after image"
Small Grey squares on 9 large Squares
I completed this exercise in artificial light, so initially I didn't see anything unusual, but, when I stood over the paper and kept the squares in shadow the after image appeared.

Each grey square took on a tinge of the complementary colour to the background.
When the grey square was on the red background - it took on a green tinge.
When it was on the green background it took on a reddish tinge and so on.

This exercise was unusual - I hadn't seen this before, I'm glad I took the time and waited to see the after image.

This is something our eyes must register all the time, something that without completing exercises like this we would never notice or realise that it happens.

The finished page:
Colour Illusion with grey square

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