Monday, February 6, 2012

Part Two: Pausing between assignment 1 & 2

Assignment 1 was sent off this week, my husband took it to the learning centre, at his place of work, for posting to the UK.

It's a very strange sensation, the work has gone, more projects are waiting............... where to start?

I started on the exercises straight away, playing with colour, thinking about colour... but I had a thought - what about my sketchbook? I have sketches, I have logged my thoughts as I've worked my way through the projects, but actual sketchbook work?

So, I started to do some research on my favourite textile artists, then I went downstairs and gathered up my textile books and my Selvedge magazines.............. I feel inspired by just doing this, I can feel the ideas flowing and the work waiting to fill up the pages.

I intend to start with Alice Kettle, Audrey Walker and Julia Caprara and see where I go from there.
All 3 of these textile artists create marks through stitch and their use of colour is exciting.
Some of the textile books and magazines that inspire me

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