Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Part Two: Project 5 - Stage 2

Knowing that I really enjoyed the painting and printing exercises in the Interlude, why am I reluctant to select my design ideas for Stages 2 - 4?

It could be because I put my work down for a couple of weeks and lost my 'flow' - my family filled the house over Easter, I worked, and then I tidied it all away... big mistake.

It could be fear - but I thought I was over that now.

It could be the strain of a deadline nearing.. this was set by my tutor (and I am grateful to her for keeping me on track), but I also travel to the UK in a weeks time and I really want to have this finished, packed into its little red bag and sent off by then.

So, I have got out my work from Stage 4 of Project 4 and am determined to select some designs that can be translated and developed on to fabric.

Stage 2: Selecting your design ideas
Having looked at my work these are the images that I feel have potential to be worked with on to fabric.

Design Idea 1:
I really liked this image, it has already been developed from a sketch, this process was shown in this link: project 4, stage 2
Design idea 1
It developed into a really nice repeat pattern and should translate well on to fabric.
Repeat pattern

Design Idea 2:
Shell 1: I like the shape, the markings and the contrasts in colour
Design idea 2
This also developed into a good repeat pattern, it has lots of potential.
Repeat pattern

Design Idea 3:
Shell 2: This shell has an interesting shape, texture and lines.
Design idea 3

The repeat pattern shows new shapes created from the negative spaces
Repeat pattern

Design Idea 4:
Shell 3: I like the texture and shape of this shell
Design idea 4
The repeat pattern shows the interesting lines and marks that were created:

Repeat pattern

I feel better for having made a decision..
I am going to start working on these designs tomorrow.

I deliberately didn't use my design ideas during the Interlude experiments so that it would make this stage clearer and less confusing..... I remember thinking that that was a really sensible idea... If only I had remembered it!!

Finished page

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