Monday, April 4, 2011

Part One: Project 1 - Stage 3: Exercise 2

Wednesday 8th September - Using marks to create surface textures: Working from Objects.

Again, I have to create a series of marks to create a surface texture - the last exercise was to work from a photo. This time it's from an object. Right now I am thinking this has to be easier - you can see, feel and touch the object - you don't have to rely on a memory.

But, I am sitting in my kitchen looking at the 4 walls, the surfaces, the implements...... regretting not taking a sketchbook, camera, scrap of paper with me when I went out.
I had seen lots of interesting textures....but recorded none.
A habit I must change.

Coming back in - it seems uninspiring - I am just going to choose an object and see what happens!

Fridge: A large white object in my kitchen, the surface has an interesting texture. It seems to be made up of lines 'pressed' into it.
Close up of the surface texture of my fridge
Using white acrylic paint (1): I brushed thick acrylic paint onto the paper and then pressed a woven fibre sheet into it.
The marks showed up, but were not clear.
Maybe the paint should have been thicker, applied with a roller?
Surface texture of fridge 1
Using white acrylic paint (2): This time after brushing the paint on, I pressed a piece of hessian into the surface. Once this had dried I washed a thin coat of waterpaint over the top.
This allowed the texture to be seen more clearly.
Surface texture of fridge 2
Printing with acrylic paint: This time I used a piece of the woven fibre sheet, painted it with purple acylic paint, and then printed with it.
This was the best effect so far - I did it twice - the left side of the picture below is when the sheet was pressed onto the surface once. The right side is when the sheet was pressed onto the surface twice.
This technique created random lines and patterns, a texture that could be used in many ways - possibly to create hedgerows or grass in a painting.

Surface texture of the fridge 3 
I put the work together on a sheet:

Final sheet for the fridge textures.

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