Monday, June 10, 2013

Part 5: Project 10 - What have you achieved?

I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this project, although looking through my notes, my research, my samples and my final piece, I know that I should have done more.

I started off well and found that my trip to Jakarta was full of inspiration.
At that point I should have looked back at the course notes and reminders a lot more than I did.

My work took off in an intuitive way, and although I like the results that I produced, the final piece should have been planned in a more structured way.
Final Piece

I missed out on some crucial development stages, mood boards, yarn swatches, the theme book should have been more comprehensive as well as sketchbook book work.

Some of the things that were on my list of 'to try out' and explore further was the use of resin.
I would have liked to have had the time to bury and encase objects.
Also to develop some samples with reference to Andy Warhol, to make important the unimportant, to display the discarded materials as a work of art in their own right.

My final piece reflects fragility, the fragility of life within many countries.
Life with very little money can be harsh in some countries, the living conditions can be worse than anything we in the west can imagine, how do you feed yourself with no money?
All these questions are left to the individual to solve - there is no welfare state to pick up and care for the impoverished.
Meanwhile shopping malls continue to be built, and consumerism carries on regardless of the life of others.

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