Sunday, October 7, 2012

Part Four: Pausing between assignments 3 & 4

Having managed to work to the deadline set for Assignment 3, I am now able to start Assignment 4.

I have two months to complete the next two projects - I am hoping that my new pace of working will stay with me throughout the entire degree course.

I have enjoyed working to a deadline - although the stress this induces is indescribable.
Some of the positive effects of working to the given deadline have been:
  • I can remember which piece I am working on and can continue to develop the work easily.
  • Writing up the projects as you go is easier than having to remember your thought processes from memory.  
I have received good feedback from my tutor for Assignment Three, so I know that I am 'going in the right direction' and continuing to improve my work practices. She also gave me some very constructive advice regarding my work.

Some of the very positive comments have been in relation to using 'primary source material' - my own drawings and photography.
Also, on my 'work being backed up by thought, objective reflection and extensive referencing of contemporary artists and designers'

Using primary source material has come naturally to me, but putting my thoughts down, reflecting and including referencing has taken some time to develop.
But, I think my work is better for it.

For the Stage 3 sample the comment 'your sample seemed a bit 'flat' was noted.
I really liked my composition, I could relate it to a design that could be used on clothing, it had worked.
When I showed the two finished samples to friends and colleagues - they loved the sample that I made for stage 4, and skipped over the stage 3 sample.
It was a 'bit flat'.
Sample for Stage 3
Sample for Stage 4

What is great is to have the feedback so that I will not make the same mistakes again.
Lots of suggestions were given to me so that I can improve the piece, also the suggestion to 'mix media'.

I think sometimes we read the outline for the project, and stick to it rigidly, whether the piece could do with more development or not.
Possibly, because I already know how to applique made me less creative with it?

This will be put to the test with the next assignment which is based around weaving - I have not done any weaving before, maybe this will be me at my most creative.

My theme of 'discarded' was described as a good choice and my tutor added 'don't worry if this idea takes you into areas which seem to be a long way from the starting point'.
I am still excited by the theme, but also just a little terrified of the final project.
However, I have been collecting some interesting materials which may be used in the finished piece
Empty, used, 'discarded' tea bags

Suggested reading was:
Having thought initially that I hadn't heard of either of these artists, I was surprised to see that I 'knew' at least one of them.

I was in the UK in May and went to the British Museum where I saw the Pharmacopoeia exhibition, I took photographs and notes at the time - so will endeavor to write this up.
Dorothy Caudwell was new to me and the work is interesting and exciting.

Another note for improvement was regarding sketchbooks - to include 'scans of working notebooks' in the blog, this would 'include any primary source material which may relate to the course work'.
The 'keeping a sketchbook' part of the course is still hard, I may be over-thinking what a sketchbook is.

Any background information regarding a piece of work is good information - all those thoughts and ideas I have should be noted among the photo's, sketches and articles.
It's just a case of organising the information in a way that the assessors can find it all easily.

My aim for the next assignment is to keep working to a deadline.
To include all my thoughts, ideas and reflections on my progress.

Also to keep working on my theme book in preparation for the final assignment.

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