Saturday, January 28, 2012

Part One: Project 2 -Stage 6

This is the last stage of project 2, it has taken a long time to get around to posting this part....many excuses, honestly!

This section concentrates on using thread and yarns to create textures.

We are asked to find drawings which have good colour effects, texture and proportions.
After looking through my sketchbooks I have narrowed my choice down to one of three drawings:

 Garlic Sketch 1:

Bulbs of garlic

I liked the movement in the sketch, there are areas of contrast, areas with lines of different thicknesses, there is bright against dark.

The area selected
Having selected an area of the sketch using a viewing frame, I looked at the amount of colours that appeared within the frame: red, black, pink/purple, yellow, sepia, white, grey.


Garlic Sketch 2:

Bulb of garlic

This sketch has many contrasts in the colours and the shadows, it has interesting lines and textures within the darker areas.

The area selected

The colours that appear in the area selected are primarily shades of black and grey, there is also white, and purple within the frame - I don't intend to use the part of the picture with the base of the garlic in it.


Arabic Baskets:

Sketch of an Arabic basket

I like the shapes that have been made when the paint has dried - creating new colours and lines that were not drawn by hand. It has a freshness, the colours are bright and clear.

The area selected

There are various colours within the area: yellow through to light brown; raspberry through to green; white, black and some grey.

This is the picture I have chosen to work on for Stage 6.

I have gathered some of the materials which I hope to use:
Choosing a selection of different threads for the project

After making some decisions I made a thread wrap using the relative proportions and colours in the identified area

Thread wrap

I have decided to use hessian as a background fabric. It has a great natural colour and is easy to use with bulky threads.
To start with I darned with strips of dyed muslin, having removed some of the warp threads from the canvas to make space for the bulky yarn.

Darning with wool and strips of muslin

I then proceeded to stitch onto my new background with the picture for reference.
Using stranded cotton, cotton perle and wool, I stitched using couching, cross stitch and blanket stitch.

This is the final result
The finished piece

It took longer to create than I expected (a usual sewing story!!) but I enjoyed the process.
I think I may have been more restrained in my approach to this piece than I should have been.... maybe the Arabic baskets was a safer choice to work with than the other two sketches.
Having said that, the finished piece comes across well when seen up close (ie: not a scanned image) - the colours are well balanced and the blanket stitched lines create a nice contrast.

I am glad I have finished this section, and this piece of work. Breaking up the thought process and the thinking process had an effect on my work, it was very hard to pick up the "flow" again.

It was interesting to attempt to put the last stage, stage 5, into practice. I hope that the more I work through the exercises, the more proficient I will become at translating and developing a sketch into stitch.

The finished pages:
1: Selecting the image to work from

The final selection with finished sample

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